Who We Are



Original roots of Vitto Machiavelli reside in Naples, Italy which was founded by Erkan Emini, a truly passionate young man inspired by the art of the leather jacket making process and as the saying goes, "It runs in the family". Craft was traditionally passed down through generations by the hands of his great grandmothers and fathers. The work from home came to be recognized through the words of family members and friends. No social media, or shop but had the hands of gold!

Throughout the upcoming years, the founder was quick to recognize that what his family had was a true "diamond in the dirt" that needed to be polished which pushed him to look forward on expanding the family business in New York City with lots of passion and ambition which was to be marked the beginning of a new chapter. 

Currently we operate from Naples and New York City! Each and every product gets made in our factory in Italy and then is shipped to New York in where we check the products and ship them to the customer. All of our customers are provided with a tracking number once the products are ready for shipping from the country of origin.

What makes us different is the craftsmanship we provide to our customers while focusing on delivering high quality handmade leather goods from the best Italian leathers and furs, Bespoke suits tailoring and dress making.

Vitto Machiavelli stands out for being unique in the way we design & manufacture our handmade products.

Customer satisfaction is our primary focus! For any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-951-9386 or email us at info@vittomachiavelli.com